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KN - Complaints

Local board policies with this descriptor code are typically related to the same topic as the corresponding State Board Rule, however local boards may comply with any policy requirement set forth in the Rule either through a local policy with this descriptor code or local board policies with other descriptor codes. Thus, it should not be assumed that each local board policy with this code covers the same topics or is directly related to the topics covered by the State Board Rule.

Barrow County Schools 4/5/2011
Berrien County Schools 2/11/2003
Candler County Schools 4/24/2003
Carroll County Schools 7/11/2002
Cherokee County Schools 8/2/2001
Colquitt County Schools 7/24/2006
Commerce City Schools 8/1/1977
Coweta County Schools 9/11/2001
Dalton Public Schools 12/14/2015
Dooly County Schools 10/31/2000
Douglas County Schools 8/15/2011
Early County Schools 11/11/2003
Gainesville City Schools 12/1/2008
Glynn County Schools 8/24/2010
Griffin-Spalding County Schools 6/7/2011
Henry County Schools 4/8/2013
Jefferson City Schools 3/13/2003
Lowndes County Schools 10/8/2002
Miller County Schools 4/16/2012
Mitchell County Schools 10/14/2003
Murray County Schools 6/26/2007
Paulding County Schools 8/24/2001
Quitman County Schools 2/7/2012
Rockdale County Schools 11/19/2015
Savannah Chatham Co. Schools 6/20/1979
Social Circle City Schools 7/11/2002
Thomasville City Schools 9/25/2013
Sample County Schools 3/23/2011
Private Social Circle Schools 7/11/2002
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