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Rule Number:160-4-8-.15
Student Discipline   Print Rule


(a) Behavior Support Process – a student support process for identifying and
addressing the behavioral needs through providing integrated resources that promote
behavioral change.

(b) Disciplinary Order
– any public or private school or school system order that
imposes short-term suspension, long-term suspension, or expulsion upon a student in
such school or system.

(c) Discipline Policies
- outlines consequences and punishments that will occur in
the response to specify unacceptable behaviors.

(d) Progressive Discipline – the levels of consequences assigned to students who
violate codes of conduct based on severity of misbehavior, students discipline history,
and other relevant factors.


(a) Each local board of education shall adopt policies designed to improve the
student learning environment by improving student behavior and discipline. These
policies shall provide for the development of age appropriate student codes of
conduct that contain the following, at a minimum:

1. Standards for student behavior during school hours, at school-related functions,
on school buses, and at school bus stops designed to create the expectation that
students will behave themselves in such a way so as to facilitate a learning
environment for themselves and other students, respect each other and school district
employees, obey student behavior policies adopted by the local board of education,
and obey student behavior rules established by individual schools;

2. Verbal assault, including threatening violence, of teachers, administrators, and
other school personnel;

3. Physical assault or battery of teachers, administrators or other school personnel;

4. Disrespectful conduct toward teachers, administrators, other school personnel,
persons attending school related functions or other students, including use of vulgar
or profane language;

5. Verbal assault of other students, including threatening violence or sexual
harassment as defined pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972;

6. Sexual harassment as defined pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments
of 1972 or physical assault or battery of other students.

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