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J. Students

Rule Number  TitlePolicy CodeEffective DateAdopted Date
160-1-3-.03Infectious DiseasesJGCC11/1/201110/12/2011
160-4-2-.23Georgia Scholar ProgramJNA12/9/200412/9/2004
160-4-3-.10Eye ProtectionJGF12/20/199011/8/1990
160-4-8-.01Student Support ServicesJE9/3/20008/10/2000
160-4-8-.04Child Abuse and Neglect ReportingJGI10/17/19909/13/1990
160-4-8-.09Student AdvisementJEA8/11/20117/21/2011
160-4-8-.15Student DisciplineJD9/2/20048/12/2004
160-4-8-.16Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO)JBCCA(2)10/4/20069/14/2006
160-4-8-.17Case Management Consultation for Agency Placed Transfer StudentsJGEB8/1/200610/13/2005
160-4-8-.18Diabetes Medical Management PlansJGC9/12/20128/22/2012
160-4-8-.19Suicide Prevention Training Requirement for Certificated School System PersonnelJGJ10/15/20159/25/2015
160-5-1-.10Student AttendanceJB5/27/20155/7/2015
160-5-1-.12Student Fees and Charges/Required Student Equipment and MaterialJS6/15/19985/14/1998
160-5-1-.14Transfer of Student RecordsJR7/6/19996/10/1999
160-5-1-.15Awarding Units of Credit and Acceptance of Transfer Credit and/or GradesJBC(4)4/29/20134/5/2013
160-5-1-.24Procedure for Requesting Student Social Security NumbersJBC8/14/19977/10/1997
160-5-1-.28Student Enrollment and WithdrawalJBC, JBCD9/12/20128/22/2012
160-5-1-.34Georgia Special Needs ScholarshipsJNB2/3/20101/14/2010
160-5-1-.35Seclusion and Restraint for All StudentsJGF(2)7/29/20107/8/2010
160-5-4-.09Limited Public School ChoiceJBCCA10/5/20009/12/2000
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