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E. Business Management

Rule Number  TitlePolicy CodeEffective DateAdopted Date
160-5-1-.03Identification and Reporting of SchoolsEF8/1/20047/8/2004
160-5-1-.07Student Data CollectionEF9/2/20098/13/2009
160-5-3-.01Purchase of School BusesEDAA3/7/20122/16/2012
160-5-3-.02Contracted Transportation ServicesEDAC5/31/20115/11/2011
160-5-3-.03School Bus InspectionsEDCA7/3/20026/13/2002
160-5-3-.04School Bus InsuranceEGD4/8/19923/12/1992
160-5-3-.10Student Transportation Funding SurveysEDD5/3/20064/13/2006
160-5-3-.13Student SafetyEDCB5/29/20025/9/2002
160-5-3-.14Fuels and ExplosivesEDC4/14/19963/14/1996
160-5-3-.16Bus Transportation RecordsEDF11/2/200510/13/2005
160-5-5-.03Asbestos Occupation Accreditation ProgramEBIA12/11/199611/14/1996
160-5-6-.01Statewide School Nutritional ProgramEE8/6/20157/16/2015
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