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Jones County Schools
Descriptor Code: JGCC
Infectious Diseases  
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No student shall be denied access to, nor shall an otherwise qualified individual be denied employment in the educational programs of the Jones County Board of Education solely because he or she is infected with a communicable disease.  A student or employee who is infected with a communicable disease will remain in his or her educational or employment setting unless he or she presents a significant risk of contagion as determined by the Board of Education after consultation with the student's or employee's physician, public health official knowledgeable about the disease and/or the Board of Education's physician if in the judgment of the Superintendent it is necessary to consult a private physician. 

The Jones County Board of Education provides educational opportunities for its employees to become informed concerning transmission of HIV infection and procedures to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV infection as well as other communicable diseases, including precautions to be taken in handling bodily fluids and blood whenever necessary. 

Whether or not an infected individual presents a significant risk of contagion shall be determined based upon reasonable medical judgment given the state of medical knowledge about: 

  1. The nature of the risk, i.e. how the disease is transmitted;

  2. The duration of the risk, i.e. how long the carrier is infectious;

  3. The severity of the risk, i.e. the degree of potential harm to third parties; and

  4. The probability that the disease will be transmitted and will cause varying degrees of harm. 

Once the student's or employee's medical condition has been determined, the Superintendent shall consult with the student's or employee's physician, a public health official knowledgeable about the disease and/or a physician employed by the Board of Education at the option of the Board in order to determine whether reasonable accommodations will allow the student to perform in the classroom or other educational setting or the employee to meet the essential functions of his or her job.  If an accommodation that does not impose undue financial hardship or administrative burdens can be made, then neither student nor employee shall be denied the right to participate in Board of Education programs or to be employed by the Board of Education.

In order that the Board of Education may have time to obtain a reasonable medical judgment concerning the student or employee who is infected by a contagious disease, the Superintendent is authorized to remove the infected student or employee from Board of Education programs or employment for a period not to exceed ten days during which time the Board of Education shall make a decision as to whether the student or employee can be accommodated and does not pose a significant risk to others.  The student or employee shall be excluded only if the Board determines after consultation as provided above that the communicable disease is of such nature or at a stage that the individual should not be in an educational setting. 

Neither the Board of Education nor its employees shall disclose medical information about a student or employee with HIV infection or other communicable disease without the consent of the employee or the student or his or her parent or guardian, whichever is applicable, or only as required by law or court order.

The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent to issue any directives necessary in his or her discretion to address infestations of head lice.


  1. Communicable disease--a disease that can be directly or indirectly transmitted from one person to another.

  2. HIV infection--an infection in which the human immuno-deficiency virus is present.

Handling blood and body fluids shall be in a manner consistent with the Center for Disease Control's Universal Precautions for Handling Blood and Body Fluids.


Jones County Schools
Adopted Date:  11/14/2006

Policy Reference Disclaimer: These references are not intended to be part of the policy itself, nor do they indicate the basis or authority for the board to enact this policy. Instead, they are provided as additional resources for those interested in the subject matter of the policy.

Note: The State of Georgia has moved the Georgia Code. This new environment no longer allows us to link directly to the Georgia Code. For example enter 20-02-0211 in the search window and the Georgia Code will appear.
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Federal Reference Description
29 USC 794 Nondiscrimination under Federal grants and programs
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