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Policy AEA-R(0): School Calendar  
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The school calendar shall be adopted on a yearly basis by the DeKalb County Board of Education. The Superintendent shall appoint a committee to draft a proposed school calendar.  The committee members shall represent all segments of the DeKalb County School District.  The committee shall be charged with the following responsibilities:

1.  Obtaining suggestions regarding the school calendar from employees, students, parents, and school-related organizations;

2.  Obtaining information regarding attendance before and after each of the holiday periods in the current school-year calendar;

3.  Reviewing proposed calendars from other school systems; and

4.  Developing an abbreviated calendar, after an analysis of alternatives, which best fits the needs of the District.

The committee’s recommendations shall be submitted to the Superintendent for consideration. After preliminary approval by the Superintendent, the final recommendations of the committee shall be submitted to the Board for consideration and approval.

Upon final approval by the Board, a task force shall be responsible for the production of the calendar including design, content, layout, printing, and distribution.


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Date Issued:  4/18/2012
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