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B. School Board Operations

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
BAB School Board Governance11/11/2013
BBA Board Officers10/20/2011
BBBE Board Member Compensation and Expenses10/20/2011
BBC Board Committees2/18/2013
BBE School Attorney8/10/2009
BBF Advisory Committees9/21/2011
BBFA Local School Councils5/6/2013
BBFA-R(1) Local School Councils5/6/2013
BBI Board-Staff Relations3/21/2012
BC Board Meetings5/6/2013
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings5/6/2013
BDC Policy Adoption5/6/2013
BDF Review of Administrative Rules6/13/2011
BE School Board Records9/11/2000
BE-R School Board Records9/11/2000
BH Board Code of Ethics3/21/2012
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest11/1/2010
BHC Board Member Political Activity6/13/2011