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J. Students

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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
JA Student Goals and Objectives7/11/2002
JAA Equal Educational Opportunities4/20/2011
JB Student Attendance7/21/2011
JB-E(2) Student Attendance - Student Attendance Protocol3/24/2010
JBC School Admissions10/16/2008
JBC(1) Homeless Students7/21/2011
JBC(1)-R(1) Homeless Students7/21/2011
JBC-R School Admissions3/1/2010
JBCB Nonresident Students1/17/2008
JBCB-R(0) Nonresident Students1/17/2008
JBCCA(2) Unsafe School Choice Option12/14/2006
JBF Released Time7/11/2002
JCAB Interviews and Searches of Students7/11/2002
JCAC Harassment4/20/2011
JCAD Racial Harassment7/11/2002
JCDA Student Behavior Code7/18/2013
JCDA-R Student Behavior Code7/11/2002
JCDAC Student Drug Use7/11/2002
JCDAD Bus Conduct3/24/2013
JCDAD-R Bus Conduct7/11/2002
JCDAE Weapons7/11/2002
JCDAF Use of Electronic Devices by Students10/18/2012
JCDAF-E(1) Use of Electronic Devices by Students - BYOT Agreement10/18/2012
JCDAG Bullying4/20/2011
JCEB Student Hearing Procedure7/11/2002
JCEB-R Student Hearing Procedure7/11/2002
JDA Corporal Punishment7/11/2002
JDDA-R Assignment to Alternative Programs7/11/2002
JDE Expulsion7/11/2002
JDF Teacher Authority to Remove Students from Classrooms7/11/2002
JE Guidance Program7/11/2002
JGA Student Insurance Program7/11/2002
JGC Student Health Services7/11/2002
JGC-R Student Health Services7/11/2002
JGCA Physical Examinations7/11/2002
JGCA-R Physical Examinations7/11/2002
JGCB Student Inoculations7/11/2002
JGCC Infectious Diseases7/11/2002
JGCD Medication7/21/2011
JGCD-R Medication7/21/2011
JGF Student Safety7/11/2002
JGF(2) Seclusion or Restraint of Students12/16/2010
JGF-R Student Safety7/11/2002
JGFA Emergency Drills7/11/2002
JGFC Dismissal Precautions7/11/2002
JGFF Automobile Use7/11/2002
JGFG Student Accidents7/11/2002
JGFG-R Student Accidents7/11/2002
JGFGB Concussion Management9/19/2013
JGHA Free Food Service7/11/2002
JGHA-R Free Food Service7/11/2002
JGI Child Abuse or Neglect10/18/2012
JGI-R Child Abuse or Neglect10/18/2012
JGJ Crisis Intervention7/11/2002
JGJ-R Crisis Intervention7/11/2002
JH Student Activities7/11/2002
JHB Student Activities Funds Management8/18/2005
JHC Student Organizations7/11/2002
JHCA Student Clubs7/11/2002
JHCA-R Student Clubs7/11/2002
JHCB Student Government7/11/2002
JHCC Student Publications7/11/2002
JHD Student Social Events7/11/2002
JK Solicitations9/23/2004
JLB Gifts to School7/11/2002
JLC Gifts to Students7/11/2002
JN Awards and Scholarships7/11/2002
JQE Pregnant Students7/11/2002
JQH Drop-Outs7/11/2002
JQKA Foreign Students7/11/2002
JQM At-Risk Students7/11/2002
JR Student Records10/16/2008
JS Student Fees, Fines, and Charges7/11/2002
JS-R Student Fees, Fines, and Charges7/11/2002