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D. Fiscal Management

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
DB Planning, Programming, Budgeting System7/11/2002
DC Annual Operating Budget7/11/2002
DCC Budget Preparation Procedures7/11/2002
DCDA Budget Publication of Recommendations7/11/2002
DCE Budget Final Adoption Procedures7/11/2002
DCL Fund Balance9/15/2011
DFB State Funds7/11/2002
DFC Federal Funds7/11/2002
DFE Short Term Notes7/11/2002
DFK Gifts and Bequests7/11/2002
DG Depository of Funds7/11/2002
DH Bonded Employees7/11/2002
DIA Accounting System7/11/2002
DIB Financial Reports9/15/2011
DIC Inventories9/23/2004
DIC-R Inventories7/11/2002
DID Audits7/11/2002
DIE Fraud Prevention8/18/2011
DJ Expenditure of Funds7/11/2002
DJCA Pay Day Schedules7/11/2002
DJE Purchasing7/11/2002
DJE-R Purchasing7/11/2003
DJEA Purchasing Authority7/21/2005
DJEA-R Purchasing Authority8/14/2003
DJECB Quality Purchasing7/11/2002
DJED Bids and Quotations7/11/2002
DJEE Local Purchasing7/11/2002
DJEI Vendor Relations7/11/2002
DJEJ Payment Procedures7/11/2002
DJEJ-R Payment Procedures7/11/2002
DK Student Activities Funds Management8/18/2005
DL Cash in School Buildings7/11/2002
DN Surplus Funds7/11/2002
DO School Properties Disposal Procedures8/14/2003
DO-R School Properties Disposal Procedures7/11/2002