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Descriptor Code: LDA
Student Teaching and Internships  
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CodeLDA Issued 8/09


Purpose: To establish the basic structure for a student teaching and practicum programs.

The board, recognizing both its responsibility to improve the quality of teacher training and the contribution that student teachers can make to Greenwood School District 52 public schools, encourages its administration to cooperate with teacher-training institutions and authorizes the placement of student teachers and practicum students in its public schools.

The importance of the teacher-training function to the future of education in this country and the need to assure a high quality of performance in the schools demand that student teachers be placed only with the very best teachers in the district. Principal approval is required for any teacher to sponsor a student teacher or practicum students.

Teachers who supervise student teachers or practicum students must have demonstrated to their principals a capacity to meet the professional demands required to properly guide the student teacher or practicum student and maintain quality instruction for the students.

Further recognizing the special skills and expertise of the teacher preparing institution and its staff, the board authorizes the administration to honor the reasonable rules, regulations and training guidelines of the sending institution.

The administration is authorized to accept or reject student teachers within the framework of the considerations of the board set forth in this policy and on assessment of the individual school's ability to contribute to the training of new teachers and to the effect of their presence on the routine operation of each school. The district reserves the right to view background information on any student teacher or practicum student.

Adopted 8/11/09


Greenwood County School District 52
Date Adopted:  8/11/2009