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Descriptor Code: LBA
Shared Services and Staff  
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CodeLBA Issued 8/09


Purpose: To establish the board's vision for sharing services and staff with other schools and school districts.

When it is necessary to provide special educational programs that require the use of highly specialized personnel and/or equipment or because the incidence of need in any given school population is low, the board may enter into a cooperative agreement with neighboring districts to provide such services. The superintendent will act as the board's agent in making such agreements.  Any such agreements will be detailed in writing and may be subject to legal review.

Adopted 12/6/76; Revised 7/13/94, 8/11/09



Legal references:

A.  S. C. Code, 1976, as amended:

  1. Section 59-17-90 - Purposes for which school districts may combine.
  2. Section 59-21-740 - Eligibility for state aid.
  3. Section 59-33-50 - Establishment and operation of programs by school districts; contracts between districts; special arrangements for multiple-handicapped children.

Greenwood County School District 52
Date Adopted:  8/11/2009
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