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Descriptor Code: JCDB
Student Dress Code  
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A student shall not dress, groom, wear or use emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols where the effect thereof is to distract unreasonably the attention of the other students or otherwise to cause interruption and/or interference with the operation of the school.  The principal or other duly authorized officials shall determine whether any particular mode of dress, grooming or use of accessories violate this rule.  The following shall be used as a guide by the school officials in enforcing this rule:

a.  that students at all times observe the rules governing body cleanliness, neatness or appearance and good grooming;


b.  clothes that show good taste should be worn.


Dress Code Guidelines


1.    SHORTS, PANTS, AND SKIRTS should be worn at the waistline.  The length of all dress apparel (shorts, skirts, dresses) will be near the knee when standing erect.  Pants or skirts with holes or slits above the knee are prohibited.  Shorts must have loose fitting legs.


The only exception to the length of shorts, skirts, or dresses is in Grades K-2.  The length of these grade levels is option to the student but must be acceptable to the principal.


2.    BELTS must be buckled, SASHES tied, and BUTTONS buttoned, except at the neck.  All suspenders must be worn on the shoulders.


3.    All students must wear shoes.  Shoes must be tied, buckled or worn as the manufacturer intended.  Shower shoes, thongs or shoes that call undue attention are prohibited.


4.    No clothing which displays profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco or drug advertisements shall be worn.  Garment symbolic of fraternities, sororities, non-school sponsored student clubs/societies are prohibited on school grounds, school functions and athletic events.


5.    Shorts, pants and skirts should be worn from/at waistline.


6.    Hats, caps, head scarves, and sweat bands may not be worn inside the building.


7.    Clothing shall be worn with appropriate undergarments.  Undershirts customarily worn as undergarments may not be worn without shirts or blouses.  Tank tops, see-through blouses/skirts are prohibited.


8.    Combs, hair curlers or picks may not be worn in the hair.


9.    Wearing apparel such as hot pants, bare midriffs, bare back dresses, halters, mini-skirts or sun dresses are prohibited.  Spandex (bike pants) cannot be worn as an outer garment.


10.    Non-prescription eyeglasses (sun shades) may not be worn in the buildings.


Violation of any part of this dress code will result in the principal’s discretion of appropriate disciplinary action to correct the infraction.


Jefferson County Schools
Adopted Date:  11/14/2002

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O.C.G.A 20-02-0736 Student codes of conduct; distribution
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