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Descriptor Code: JCDAD-R
Bus Conduct  
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1.   The bus driver is in complete charge of the bus.

2.   Drivers have authority to assign students specific seats on the bus.

3.   Students may disembark buses only at school and at their regular stops.  Any exception will require authorization of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and the transportation department.

4.   No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.

5.   Radios, glass items, animals, skateboards, baseball bats, hockey sticks, or any other item of safety concern shall not be transported.  Bagged athletic equipment may be transported but must be under the control of the bus driver.

6.   For minor offenses, bus drivers will follow the established four-step minor offense process.


7.   Problems of a serious nature must be reported promptly by the driver, in writing, to the principal of the school which the student attends.


8.   The principal will take up the matter with the delinquent student and, if necessary, the parent(s) of the student.


9.   If the problem cannot be resolved, the principal will notify the parent(s) that the student has forfeited the right to transportation by bus.


10.  Forfeiture of the right to transportation by bus in no way changes the requirement for compulsory attendance.  When the forfeiture of bus transportation rights has occurred, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to transport the student to and from the school.


11.  The pupil's right to transportation by bus may be restored by the principal but only after a satisfactory agreement has been established with the Executive Director of Buildings/Grounds/Transportation.


Specific Rules for Students While on the School Bus


1.   When boarding a bus, students should go directly to their seat and be seated.


2.   All students must conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times.


3.   Students are not to move around while bus is in motion.


4.   Students will not extend any part of their body out of the bus windows at any time.


5.   Loud talking, throwing of objects, or any other act to distract the attention of the driver will not be allowed.


6.   Tobacco or tobacco products are prohibited on the bus.


7.   Writing, cutting, scratching, or defacing the interior or exterior of the bus is prohibited.  Students responsible will pay for damages.


8.   Students are to keep the bus clean.  Paper or trash should not be left on the floor.  The bus driver is responsible for cleanliness and ventilation of the bus.


9.   Students cannot bring anything on the bus that would keep another student from having a place to sit or that would block the aisle or door of the bus.


10.  Drivers are interested in student welfare, comfort, and safety.


Rockdale County Schools
Date Issued:  8/30/1983
Last Revised:  8/20/2015
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