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Descriptor Code: JCDAB-R(0)
Student Alcohol Use  
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If the student is in violation of policy JCDAB/JCDAC for the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, the student will be subject to the following:

First Offense

If the violation is flagrant, the student may be subject to expulsion. Minimum punishment, as determined by the administration, will be an extended assignment at the In-School Suspension Center or out of school suspension. During the suspension period, assessment of the level of involvement of alcohol use is expected to take place, conducted by the local mental health agency or other agency approved by the Board. A satisfactory conference will be held by the administration with the student and the student’s parents as a condition for re-admission to school.

Second Offense

1.Expulsion for a length of time as determined by the Tribunal appointed by the Board of Education.

2.Any exception of these procedures must have approval of the Board of Education.

3.The school will cooperate with the police department by reporting the source of supply if known to the school, and by developing an in-service instruction program for staff members.

4.The school will assist students who use drugs, or abuse alcohol by counseling, drug abuse education, cooperation with the county health department and individual physicians in appropriate health instruction and health care, and by other appropriate means.

5.There will be a biennial review of this program to:

  1. determine its effectiveness and implement changes to the program if needed; and
  1. Ensure that the disciplinary sanctions imposed by this policy are consistently enforced.

Thomaston-Upson County Schools
Date Issued:  8/25/1998
Last Revised:  4/10/2012
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