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Descriptor Code: JBC-R(1)
School Admissions - JBC-R(1)  
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As stated in Griffin-Spalding County School Board Policy JBC, an employee may elect for his/her child(ren) to attend a Griffin-Spalding County School based on his/her residential address.  Additionally, State Law provides that a student shall be allowed to be enrolled in and attend the school in which a parent or guardian of such student is a full-time employee, notwithstanding the fact that the student and his or her parent or guardian may reside in another county or attendance zone. When an employee elects for his/her child(ren) to attend the school where he/she is employed or attend a different grade level other than the campus where the employee is housed, the following options will apply:

Employee works at: Student may attend:
Atkinson Atkinson/CRMS/SHS
Anne Street Anne Street/RRMS/GHS
Beaverbrook Beaverbrook/CRMS/GHS
Cowan Road Elem. Cowan Road Elem./CRMS/GHS
Crescent Crescent/RRMS/SHS
Futral Road Futral Road/RRMS/SHS
Jackson Road Jackson Road/KRMS/SHS
Jordan Hill Jordan Hill/KRMS/SHS
Moore Moore/KRMS/SHS
Moreland Road Moreland Road/CAMS/GHS
Orrs Orrs/CAMS/GHS
Carver Road Middle School (CAMS) Moreland Road/CAMS/GHS
Cowan Road Middle School (CRMS)  Cowan Road Elem./CRMS/GHS
Kennedy Road Middle School (KRMS)  Jackson Road/KRMS/SHS
Rehoboth Road Middle School (RRMS)  Futral Road/RRMS/SHS
Griffin High School (GHS) Orrs/CAMS/GHS
Special Needs Pre-K Office Orrs/CAMS/GHS
Spalding High School (SHS) Futral Road/RRMS/SHS
Central Office Crescent/RRMS/SHS
Transportation Department Orrs/CAMS/GHS
Enrichment Center Orrs/CAMS/GHS
A.Z. Kelsey Academy Moore/KRMS/SHS
Mainstay  Moore/KRMS/SHS
Griffin-Spalding Alternative School Atkinson/CRMS/GHS
Taylor Street Campus   Crescent/RRMS/SHS
Maintenance Department  Orrs/CAMS/GHS


If bus transportation is not already scheduled between the schools identified above, the employee must provide transportation for his/her child(ren) to and from school.

Any eligible employee's child, in fourth grade, seventh grade, and/or high school for the 2008-2009 school year will have the option of either continuing in the present school ("grandfathering") for the 2009-2010 school year or going to the appropriate school in the options listed above.  Parents will be required to provide transportation.  An employee's child is considered to be an eligible student if the student is enrolled during the 2008-2009 school year on a campus other than the option listed above.

If an employee has an unique situation regarding their child's attendance zone, the parent or guardian may request a review of the situation by the Transfer Request Committee.  Refer to JBC-R(0) for Transfer Request Committee procedures.





Griffin-Spalding County School System
Date Issued:  1/6/2009
Last Revised:  9/30/2015
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