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DeKalb County School System Board Policy
Policy IHA: Grading Systems   Print Policy


MISSION:  To ensure that parents are informed of student progress by using a frequent and standardized reporting procedure.

I.   Grades

A report card shall be issued to each student each semester of the school year and shall indicate the progress in each course.  Students in grades K-5 will have grades displayed by letter.  Students in grades 6-12 will have grades displayed numerically.  The grading scale for the DeKalb County School System will be as follows:

                      A                 90 - 100                Excellent

                      B                 80 - 89                 Good

                      C                 71 - 79                 Fair

                      D                 70                        Passing

                      F                 Below 70               Failing

In the event that a student fails to complete a subject satisfactorily, the student shall be eligible to enroll in an appropriate course which may be available in a summer semester.  A reexamination may be authorized at the discretion of the teacher and/or appropriate administrator(s).

Placement and progress in kindergarten through grade twelve shall depend on the satisfactory completion of the subjects required for each grade. 

II. Grade Point Averages

Grade point averages in the DeKalb County School System will be computed on a 4.0 scale, except for International Baccalaureate and College Board Advanced Placement courses so designated by the Division of Instruction in the curriculum guides.  These International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses will be computed on a 5.0 scale.

                        4.0 Scale                        5.0 Scale

                         A  =  4                          A  =  5


                         B  =  3                          B  =  4

                         C  =  2                          C  =  3

                         D  =  1                          D  =  2

                         F  =  0                           F  =  0