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Descriptor Code: DJEJ-R
Payment Procedures  
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Checks for salaries shall be issued upon a payroll audited and approved by the Superintendent and all checks shall show the person in whose favor it is issued and a record thereof shall be preserved.

Payment of bills will be withheld pending receipt of a voucherable invoice and evidence of the receipt of goods.  Invoices will contain the following information:

1.               Vendor’s name and business location,

2.               Date of invoice,

3.               The school system purchase order number if applicable,

4.               Description of merchandise,

5.               Quantity,

6.               Unit price,

7.               Total cost,

8.               School or department for which purchased, and

9.               Vendor invoice number.

All bills will be paid by check.


Carroll County Schools
Date Issued:  7/11/2002
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