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Procedures for Purchase Orders

The purchase of equipment and supplies for the schools with county, state or federal funds must have prior approval of the Superintendent or a designated representative.

All purchases will be made on written forms and no person shall be allowed to make purchases in the name of the school district without an authorized purchase order.

The school district will assume the responsibility for paying for purchases only if the established purchasing procedure is followed:

I.       Purchase Orders

1.      Fill in complete address for Vendor.

2.      Fill in complete address for Ship To:  (including Attn:)

3.      Date of purchase order.

4.      Fill in total amount of purchase order.

5.      Be sure to check a grade level.  If the program you are ordering from is not listed, fill in your program on the line for the account number.  If you are given an account number to use, put the account number on the Account Number line for the purchase order number.

6.      Signature and Title – Properly completed purchase orders are approved by assistant Superintendent, director/principal responsible for the area for which the purchase is being made.  Rubber stamps and duplicated signatures are not accepted.

7.      Combine all orders for each vendor and list on one purchase order form.  If ordering for more than one funding category on one order form, be sure to write in $$ amount for each catergory.

8.      You may use the order form in the back of catalogs and put “See Attached List” on your purchase order.  Limit your attached list to no more than 3 to 5 pages.

9.      Do not separate white, yellow and pink copies before sending to the County Office.  The pink copy will be returned for your records with the assigned purchase order number, computer number and vendor number.  If you want a copy of orders sent to the County Office, you should make a photo copy.

10.    Purchase order numbers – These must be obtained prior to purchases unless in emergency situations.

11.    Do not staple sheets together (use gem clips).

12.    The purchase order is forwarded to the County Office for approval.  All purchase orders will be forwarded to the supplier from the County Office, unless it is noted to return it to the school or department.

13.     For purchase of small items from local vendors, please follow these procedures:

A.     Complete a purchase order form as usual except for listing the items.  If you are purchasing groceries, simply write in “groceries” and your best estimate of the cost.


B.     Present the purchase order form to the business office at the County Office to get a purchase order number.


C.     Take the purchase order to the vendor to complete your purchase.


D.     Immediately return the purchase order along with the sales slip to the business department.

14.    Terms – The purchase order should allow the appropriate discounts, especially from the county catalogs, and the payment terms.

15.    F.O.B. – The F.O.B. point and freight terms should be clear, as well as, where delivered to and who pays for delivery.

16.    Delivery Requirements – The document should show the date materials are to be at the destination, and should not use expressions such as “rush,”  “as soon as possible” or “urgent”.  These terms could cause additional charges.

17.    Check Required Procedures – Board Policy DJEA and Administrative Rule DJE govern purchasing.  Purchases from local funds are covered in the Local Schools Funds Accounting Manual.

II.      Approving Invoices for Payment

  1. Check invoices against material delivered.


  2. Sign invoice if all items billed have been received.


  3. If all materials ordered were received, check complete on the stamped information.  If there were materials that were not billed (backorder, etc.), check not complete on the stamped information and complete the rest of the information for payment.


  4. If you did not receive all materials billed on the invoice, hold the invoice for 5 working days and, if you still haven’t received the materials, call the vendor.


  5. To complete the computer number and vendor number on the stamped information, pull the pink copy of the purchase order.  It will have the information.


  6. You may also check the prices on the invoice against the prices on the purchase order.  Many times these are incorrect.




Carroll County Schools
Date Issued:  7/11/2002
Last Revised:  7/11/2003
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