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Descriptor Code: DCDA
Budget Publication of Recommendations  
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The Board shall adopt a tentative budget at least two weeks prior to the proposed final budget adoption date.  The tentative budget must then be advertised at least one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the school district.  At a minimum, the advertisement must display the tentative budget by revenue category and expenditure function.  It shall also include notice of the place, date and time at which the Board will consider final adoption of the budget.


Carroll County Schools
Adopted Date:  7/11/2002

Policy Reference Disclaimer: These references are not intended to be part of the policy itself, nor do they indicate the basis or authority for the board to enact this policy. Instead, they are provided as additional resources for those interested in the subject matter of the policy.

Note: The State of Georgia has moved the Georgia Code. This new environment no longer allows us to link directly to the Georgia Code. For example enter 20-02-0211 in the search window and the Georgia Code will appear.
State Reference Description
O.C.G.A 20-02-0167 Funding for direct instructional, media center and staff development costs; submission of budget
O.C.G.A 48-05-0032 Publication by county of ad valorem tax rate
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