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Descriptor Code: BCBI-R
Public Participation in Board Meetings  
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In order to assure that the Board can conduct its business orderly, properly, and efficiently; and to assure that those wishing to be heard can be afforded the privilege, the Board has adopted the following policies pertaining to public participation in its Board meetings. 

Public Meetings

All official meetings of the Floyd County Board of Education shall be open to the public. This policy shall apply whether the Board is sitting to exercise its administrative responsibilities in connection with the management and control of the School System or whether it is sitting as a judicial body for the adjudication of controversies arising out of the operation of the schools and school laws in the County.  (50-14-1)

Discussion of employment matters or matters falling within the attorney-client relationship and privilege shall be exempt from the open meeting policy requirement.  (50-4-1)


A prepared agenda with appropriate information shall be sent to each member of the Floyd County Board of Education by the Executive Secretary (Superintendent) in advance of any regular meeting of the Board.  This agenda, approved or amended at the beginning of each meeting, shall govern the order of business for the meeting.  Additions or deletions to the approved agenda shall be by majority vote of the members voting, a quorum being present.

Any party desiring to have an item placed on the Board meeting agenda shall make such request in writing to the Superintendent of Schools at least five (5) working days prior to the date of the meeting.  The request must include the following:

1.   The name, address, and phone number of the individual or party making the request;

2.   The item to be placed on the agenda with some background information if practical;

3.   The names, addresses, and phone numbers of all individuals who desire to make presentations; and

4.   The amount of time needed for presentation (5 minutes maximum per person).


In addition to stated policies, the following guidelines are given in an effort to insure that public participation in Board meetings is orderly and meaningful, both for the public and the Board of Education.

  1. The Board, as a representative body of the district, wishes to provide an avenue for any citizen to express interest in and concerns for the schools.  Accordingly, the public is cordially invited to attend all sessions of the Board.  However, it is required that matters concerning an individual school be discussed first with the principal of that school.  If the problem cannot be resolved at school, it should be brought to the Superintendent.  These avenues for resolving a matter of concern must have been utilized before the Board will hear the matter.

  2. Any individual desiring to speak is required to give his/her name, address, and the group, if any, that he/she is representing.  The individual should speak to the Board, not the audience.

  3. Comments or presentations are limited to no more than five minutes in length.  The Board may extend time limits.  If one spokesperson has presented a matter, it is not necessary for others to repeat the same ideas.  The Board reserves the right to limit the number of speakers in a given time.

  4. Questions, suggestions, proposals, or criticisms which have been presented verbally should also be submitted, when practical, in writing and should be signed by the individual or the spokesperson of the group appearing before the Board.

  5. Any personal complaints regarding school personnel that may result in disciplinary action shall be received in Executive Session only and must be in writing.

  6. No profane and/or vulgar language or personal abuse against any person will be permitted.

  7. Appeals of administrative decisions shall be heard at separate meetings.

  8. In cases of emergency, of which the Board shall be the judge, stipulations concerning prior conferences and appointments on the five (5) working days notification may be dispensed with by unanimous vote of the Board members present.

  9. The Board may choose to hear public comments in caucus or in the regular meeting.

The Board vests in its Chairperson, or other presiding officer, authority to terminate the remarks of any individual when he/she does not adhere to the rules and guidelines established.


The Board will consider all information presented in a public meeting and will provide a written response.  This does not preclude the Board from responding during the public meeting.


Floyd County Schools
Date Issued:  7/8/2003
Last Revised:  7/17/2007
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