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J. Students

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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
JAA Equal Educational Opportunities11/28/1990
JBA Compulsory Attendance8/29/2012
JBCCB Assignment of Students to Classes11/28/1990
JBCD Transfer into the School System11/28/1990
JBCDB Student Enrollment and Attendance3/30/2011
JBCDB-E(1) Student Enrollment and Attendance - Exhibits 1 and 29/25/2008
JBCDC Barrier Free Enrollment5/13/2013
JBCE Withdrawals From the School System11/28/1990
JBD Absences and Excuses8/29/2007
JBDA Students Leaving the School Campus11/28/1990
JBDB Student Attendance: Driver's License/Learner's Permit7/26/1995
JBE Truancy11/28/1990
JBF Released Time11/28/1990
JC Rights and Responsibilities11/28/1990
JCAA Due Process11/28/1990
JCAB Interrogations and Searches of Students11/28/1990
JCABA Law Enforcement Access To Public Schools4/24/2002
JCAC Interrogation by Public Officials11/28/1990
JCBAA Parents' Responsibility for Their Child's Conduct7/26/1995
JCD Student Conduct11/28/1990
JCDAA Smoking5/15/1986
JCDAB Alcohol/Drug Abuse7/26/1995
JCDAC Drug Use11/28/1990
JCDAD Drug Testing 9/4/2002
JCDAD-R(0) Drug Testing 9/4/2002
JCDB Dress Code5/18/2005
JCDBA Electronic Communication Devices Policy10/25/2006
JCDBB Use of Digital Device During the Administration of a Secure Test4/24/2013
JCDC Student Harassment3/31/2010
JCDC-E(1) Student Harassment - Complaint Form
JCE Complaints and Grievances3/28/2007
JCE-E(1) Complaints and Grievances - Grievance Report3/28/2007
JCE-R(0) Complaints and Grievances3/28/2007
JDA Corporal Punishment6/28/2006
JDB Detention11/28/1990
JDD Out of School Suspension11/28/1990
JDDA In School Suspension11/28/1990
JDE Expulsion11/28/1990
JDEA Student Code of Conduct - Classification Violations4/24/2013
JDEA-E(1) Student Code of Conduct - Classification Violations - Exhibits A through E5/27/2002
JDEAB Alternative School Program11/28/1990
JDEB Possession of Firearms by Students9/6/1996
JE Guidance Program (Also IG)11/28/1990
JEA Student Records (also IID)11/28/1990
JEB Procedures for Safeguarding Student Records (also IIE-R)12/18/1974
JEC Storing Student Permanent Records (Also IIF)11/28/1990
JED Public Use of Student Records (also IIG)11/28/1990
JEE Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)6/25/2003
JFA Reporting Student Progress11/28/1990
JFAA Report Cards (also IHA)12/15/2010
JFAB Student Conferences11/28/1990
JFAC Parent Conferences (also IHAD)11/28/1990
JFAD School Visitors11/28/1990
JFD Graduation Requirements (also IHF)3/20/2002
JFE Graduation Requirements (also IHFA)11/28/1990
JFEA Homework (also IHB)11/28/1990
JFG Textbook Payment Schedule11/28/1990
JGA Student Insurance Program (Also KGB)12/11/2001
JGC Student Health Services (Cf.JGFG)11/28/1990
JGCA Student Health Services8/9/2000
JGCB Immunizations11/28/1990
JGCC Communicable Diseases and Parasites11/28/1990
JGCCA Head Lice5/21/2007
JGCD Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome11/28/1990
JGCE Physical Examinations and Screenings11/28/1990
JGCF Medical Treatment11/28/1990
JGCG Student Health Services6/25/2006
JGCH Student Health Services - Automated External Defibrillator Policy6/25/2003
JGCI Wellness6/28/2006
JGDA Individual Student Intellectual Evaluations11/28/1990
JGDB Seclusion or Restraint of Students8/29/2012
JGFA Emergency Drills11/28/1990
JGFC Daily Dismissal Precautions (Safety)11/28/1990
JGFF Automobile and Motorized Vehicle Use by Students11/28/1990
JGFG Accidents11/28/1990
JGG Student Transportation11/28/1990
JGH Food Service11/28/1990
JGHA Student Lunch Periods11/28/1990
JH Student Activities11/28/1990
JHA Student Activities Fees11/28/1990
JHAA Cheerleading 1/27/2010
JHB Activities Funds Management11/28/1990
JHBA Competitive Student Programs10/22/1979
JHC Student Club and Organizations11/28/1990
JHCB Student Government Associations11/28/1990
JHCC Student Publications11/28/1990
JHD Student Social Events11/28/1990
JHE Community Activities and Performances11/28/1990
JJ Employment of Students11/28/1990
JKA Solicitations of Students11/28/1990
JKB Solicitations by Students11/28/1990
JL Gifts by Students11/28/1990
JM Contests for Students11/28/1990
JQF Married Student11/28/1990
JQG Unwed Mothers11/28/1990
JQH Student Pregnancies11/28/1990
JS Student Fees11/28/1990
JSA Field Trips and Excursions (also IFCB)3/20/1991
JTA Computers, Internet, and Network Resources5/13/2013
JTA-E(1) Computers, Internet, and Network Resources - Student Technology Consent Form (TCF)5/13/2013
JTA-E(2) Computers, Internet, and Network Resources - Staff Technology Consent Form (TCF)4/25/2012