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I. Instructional Program

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
IA Instructional Program Philosophy8/24/2001
IB Instructional Program Goals and Objectives8/24/2001
IC Curriculum Development8/24/2001
ICFA Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines8/24/2001
IDA Basic Program8/24/2001
IDAA Vocational Education8/24/2001
IDAA-R Vocational Education8/24/2001
IDAG-R Values /Character Education8/24/2001
IDB Health Education9/2/2009
IDB-R Health Education8/24/2001
IDBA Sex Education7/25/2006
IDBB Drug Education8/24/2001
IDCA Summer School7/25/2006
IDCE Advanced College Placement3/22/2005
IDCE-R Advanced College Placement8/10/2010
IDCH Dual / Joint Enrollment Programs7/27/2010
IDDB Remedial Programs7/8/2003
IDDB-R Remedial Programs8/24/2001
IDDC Homebound Instruction Programs7/24/2007
IDDC-R Homebound Instruction Programs8/24/2001
IDDD Gifted Student Programs8/24/2001
IDDD-R Gifted Student Programs8/28/2012
IDDF Special Education Programs8/24/2001
IDDH Early Intervention Programs (EIP)10/14/2003
IDDM Alternative School Programs8/24/2001
IDE Co-Curricular Activities2/24/2009
IDE(1) Competitive Interscholastic Activities, Grades 9-127/14/2009
IDE(2) Competitive Interscholastic Activities, Grades 6-87/25/2006
IDF Interscholastic Activities8/24/2001
IDF-R Interscholastic Activities8/24/2001
IDFA Gender Equity in Sports8/24/2001
IDFB Sportsmanship8/24/2001
IEC Class Size8/24/2001
IED Scheduling for Instruction7/27/2010
IEDA Unstructured Break Time9/14/2004
IFA Instructional Materials12/13/2005
IFA-E(1) Instructional Materials8/24/2001
IFAA Textbook Selection and Adoption7/25/2006
IFBC Media Programs8/24/2001
IFBC-E(1) Media Programs8/24/2001
IFBC-R Media Programs7/29/2002
IFBD Media Centers8/24/2001
IFBG Internet Acceptable Use10/24/2006
IFBG-E(1) Internet Acceptable Use8/24/2001
IFBG-E(2) Internet Acceptable Use11/11/2005
IFBG-E(3) Internet Acceptable Use8/24/2001
IFBGA Electronic Communications8/24/2001
IFBGA-E(1) Electronic Communications8/24/2001
IFBGA-E(2) Electronic Communications8/23/2006
IFBGA-E(3) Electronic Communications8/24/2001
IFBGA-E(4) Electronic Communications8/24/2001
IFBGA-E(5) Electronic Communications8/24/2001
IFBGA-E(6) Electronic Communications8/24/2001
IFBGB Web Pages8/24/2001
IFC Community Instructional Resources4/22/2008
IFC-E(1) Community Instructional Resources4/22/2008
IFC-E(2) Community Instructional Resources4/22/2008
IFC-R(0) Community Instructional Resources4/22/2008
IFCB Field Trips and Excursions4/22/2008
IFCB-E(1) Field Trips and Excursions8/13/2002
IFCB-E(2) Field Trips and Excursions8/24/2001
IFCB-E(3) Field Trips and Excursions10/9/2007
IFCB-E(4) Field Trips and Excursions12/11/2007
IFCB-E(5) Field Trips and Excursions4/22/2008
IFCB-R Field Trips and Excursions7/24/2007
IFCB-R(1) Field Trips and Excursions4/22/2008
IFCC Community Resource Persons8/24/2001
IFCD School Volunteers8/24/2001
IG Guidance Program8/24/2001
IGB Student Support Teams8/24/2001
IGB-R Student Support Teams8/24/2001
IHA Grading Systems8/28/2012
IHA-R(0) Grading Systems - Grading and Reporting Procedures8/27/2013
IHAD Parent Conferences8/24/2001
IHB-R Homework8/24/2001
IHE Promotion and Retention5/10/2011
IHEA-R Make-Up Opportunities8/24/2001
IHF(5) Graduation Requirements - Entering Fall 2002-03 through 2007-087/8/2003
IHF(6) Graduation Requirements - Entering Fall 2008-09 and thereafter9/13/2011
II Testing Programs8/24/2001
IIB Test Administration8/24/2001
IIC Use and Dissemination of Test Results7/17/2007
IKC Teaching About Religion8/24/2001
IKD School Ceremonies and Observances8/24/2001
IKDB Graduation Ceremonies3/22/2005
IKDB-R Graduation Ceremonies8/10/2010
IKE School Assemblies8/24/2001