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G. Personnel

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
GAA Personnel Goals and Objectives7/8/2003
GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment9/6/2005
GAD Professional Learning Opportunities7/8/2003
GAEA Staff Protection7/8/2003
GAEB Harassment12/3/2013
GAF Staff-Student Relations7/8/2003
GAG Staff Conflict of Interest7/8/2003
GAGA Ethics for Government Service2/5/2008
GAJB Gifts to Staff7/8/2003
GAJB-R Gifts to Staff7/8/2003
GAK Personnel Records7/8/2003
GAK(1) Criminal Background Check4/7/2009
GAL Salary Deductions7/8/2003
GAMA Drug-Free Workplace7/8/2003
GAMA-E(1) Drug-Free Workplace -
GAN Employee Tobacco Use2/3/2009
GAN-R Employee Tobacco Use1/6/2009
GANA Infectious Diseases7/8/2003
GANA-R Infectious Diseases7/8/2003
GB Professional Personnel Section7/8/2003
GBA Professional Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts7/8/2003
GBA(1)-R Extended Year7/8/2003
GBA(2)-R Extended Day7/8/2003
GBAB Pay for Performance7/8/2003
GBBA Professional Personnel Qualifications and Duties7/8/2003
GBC Professional Personnel Recruitment7/8/2003
GBC-R Professional Personnel Recruitment7/8/2003
GBD Professional Personnel Hiring7/8/2003
GBD-R Professional Personnel Hiring7/8/2003
GBE Professional Personnel Assignment7/8/2003
GBF Professional Personnel Orientation7/8/2003
GBI Professional Personnel Evaluation9/6/2005
GBK Professional Personnel Suspension7/8/2003
GBKA Professional Personnel Lay-Off3/4/2014
GBM Professional Personnel Transfer7/8/2003
GBM-E(1) Professional Personnel Transfer - Request Form7/8/2003
GBN Professional Personnel Separation4/5/2005
GBQ Professional Personnel Retirement5/4/2010
GBQ-R Professional Personnel Retirement5/4/2010
GBRA Professional Personnel Health Examinations7/8/2003
GBRC Professional Personnel Work Loads7/8/2003
GBRCA Professional Personnel Duty Free Lunch7/8/2003
GBRG Professional Personnel Non-School Employment7/8/2003
GBRGB Professional Personnel Tutoring for Pay7/8/2003
GBRH Professional Personnel Leaves and Absences7/8/2003
GBRH-R Professional Personnel Leaves and Absences7/8/2003
GBRI Professional Personnel Personal Leaves and Absences7/8/2003
GBRIA Professional Personnel Emergency and Legal Leave7/8/2003
GBRIB Professional Personnel Sick Leave9/6/2005
GBRIB(1) Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank7/8/2003
GBRIB(1)-E(1) Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank - PARTICIPATIONFfORM9/4/2007
GBRIB(1)-E(2) Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank - Withdrawal Form9/4/2007
GBRIB(1)-R Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank5/5/2009
GBRIC Professional Personnel Maternity Leave7/8/2003
GBRID Professional Personnel Military Leave7/8/2003
GBRIE Professional Personnel Religious Leave7/8/2003
GBRIF Professional Personnel Bereavement Leave7/8/2003
GBRIG Federal Family and Medical Leave Act3/6/2012
GBRJ Arrangement for Substitutes2/9/2012
GBRJ-R Arrangement for Substitutes7/8/2003
GBRK Professional Personnel Vacations3/2/2004
GBRK-R Professional Personnel Vacations2/3/2004
GBS Professional Organizations7/8/2003
GBT Professional Publishing7/8/2003
GBU Professional Personnel Ethics2/5/2008
GCA Classified Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts7/8/2003
GCC Classified Personnel Recruitment12/1/2009
GCD Classified Personnel Hiring12/1/2009
GCE Classified Personnel Assignment7/8/2003
GCH Classified Personnel Supervision7/8/2003
GCI Classified Personnel Evaluation7/8/2003
GCN Classified Personnel Separation7/8/2003
GCQ Classified Personnel Retirement10/12/2004
GCQ-R Classified Personnel Retirement9/1/2004
GCRA Classified Personnel Health Examinations7/8/2003
GCRA(1) Drug Screening of Bus Drivers7/8/2003
GCRA(1)-R Drug Screening of Bus Drivers7/8/2003
GCRA-E(1) Classified Personnel Health Examinations -
GCRC Classified Personnel Work Load7/8/2003
GCRD Classified Personnel Overtime Pay10/14/2003
GCRD-R Classified Personnel Overtime Pay9/2/2003
GCRG Classified Personnel Leaves and Absences7/8/2003
GCRGA Classified Personnel Emergency and Legal Leave7/8/2003
GCRGB Classified Personnel Sick Leave9/6/2005
GCRGB-E(1) Classified Personnel Sick Leave - Participation and Donation Form7/8/2003
GCRGB-R Classified Personnel Sick Leave7/8/2003
GCRGC Classified Personnel Maternity Leave7/8/2003
GCRGD Classified Personnel Military Leave7/8/2003
GCRGF Classified Personnel Bereavement Leave7/8/2003
GCRH Classified Personnel Vacations3/2/2004
GCRH-R(1) Classified Personnel Vacations2/3/2004
GDB Paraprofessional Positions3/2/2004
GDQ-R Paraprofessional Retirement7/8/2003