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G. Personnel

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment3/3/2014
GAD Professional Learning Opportunities4/1/2013
GAE(2) Complaints and Grievances, Certified Employees4/1/2013
GAE(2)-E(1) Complaints and Grievances, Certified Employees - Employee Complaints and Grievance Form5/3/2010
GAE(3) Complaints and Grievances, Non-certified Employees3/3/2014
GAEB Harassment3/3/2014
GAEB-E(1) Harassment - Sexual Harassment Complaint Form5/3/2010
GAEB-R(1) Harassment5/2/2011
GAG Staff Conflict of Interest5/2/2011
GAHB Staff Political Activities3/5/2012
GAK(1) Criminal Background Check3/5/2012
GAMA Drug-Free Workplace3/5/2012
GAN Employee Tobacco Use5/2/2011
GAN-R(1) Employee Tobacco Use5/2/2011
GANA Infectious Diseases5/2/2011
GARB Employee Time Schedules3/5/2012
GARB-R(1) Employee Time Schedules4/9/2012
GARH Employee Leaves and Absences3/3/2014
GARH-R(1) Employee Leaves and Absences - Professional Leave4/9/2012
GBC Professional Personnel Recruitment4/1/2013
GBD Professional Personnel Hiring5/2/2011
GBE Professional Personnel Assignment5/2/2011
GBKA Professional Personnel Lay-Off3/3/2014
GBM Professional Personnel Transfer3/3/2014
GBM-R(1) Professional Personnel Transfer4/9/2012
GBO Professional Personnel Resignation3/5/2012
GBR Professional Personnel Working Conditions4/1/2013
GBR-R(1) Professional Personnel Working Conditions12/14/2012
GBRC Professional Personnel Work Loads3/5/2012
GBRGA Professional Personnel Consulting5/2/2011
GBRGB Professional Personnel Tutoring for Pay3/5/2012
GBRH Professional Personnel Leaves and Absences3/3/2014
GBRIB Professional Personnel Sick Leave4/1/2013
GBRIB(1) Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank5/2/2011
GBRIB(1)-E(2) Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank - Sick Leave Bank Request Form5/3/2010
GBRIB(1)-R(1) Professional Personnel Sick Leave Bank5/2/2011
GBRIB-R(1) Professional Personnel Sick Leave12/14/2012
GBRIG Federal Family and Medical Leave Act3/3/2014
GBRIG-E(1) Federal Family and Medical Leave Act - Physician Certification (Employee)
GBRIG-E(2) Federal Family and Medical Leave Act - Physician Certification (Family Member)
GBRIG-E(3) Federal Family and Medical Leave Act - FMLA Return to Work- Fitness for Duty
GBRK Professional Personnel Vacations4/1/2013
GBRK-R(1) Professional Personnel Vacations5/2/2011
GBRL Employee Dress Code4/1/2013
GBRL-R(1) Employee Dress Code4/9/2012
GCN Classified Personnel Separation4/1/2013
GCRA(1) Drug Screening of Bus Drivers3/3/2014
GCRA(1)-R(1) Drug Screening of Bus Drivers - and All Other Safety-Sensitive Employees4/9/2012
GCRD Classified Personnel Overtime Pay4/1/2013
GCRD-R(1) Classified Personnel Overtime Pay5/2/2011