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I. Instructional Program

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
IC Curriculum Development4/5/2011
IC-E(1) Curriculum Development
ICC Curriculum Research3/1/2011
ICC-E(1) Curriculum Research
ICC-R(1) Curriculum Research8/26/2011
IDB Health Education6/1/2004
IDCH Dual / Joint Enrollment Programs1/6/2004
IDDD Gifted Student Programs7/7/1998
IDDD-R(0) Gifted Student Programs8/5/2008
IDE(2) Competitive Interscholastic Activities, Grades 6-84/5/2011
IDFA Gender Equity in Sports8/7/2001
IDFA-E(1) Gender Equity in Sports - Revised Grievance Form12/16/2010
IDFA-R Gender Equity in Sports8/7/2001
IED Scheduling for Instruction6/7/2011
IEDA Unstructured Break Time1/1/2005
IFAA Textbook Selection and Adoption4/5/2011
IFAA-R(0) Textbook Selection and Adoption12/19/2006
IFBD Media Centers4/5/2011
IFBD-E(1) Media Centers
IFBG Internet Acceptable Use6/7/2011
IFBG-E(1) Internet Acceptable Use - Parent Student District Owned Mobile Devices Agreement1/31/2012
IFBG-E(2) Internet Acceptable Use - BCSS BYOT Acceptance of Responsibility and Device Use Agreement Form2/20/2014
IFBG-R(1) Internet Acceptable Use - Guidelines for Student Use of District-owned Mobile Devices1/31/2012
IFBG-R(2) Internet Acceptable Use - Expectations for Personal Use of Social Networking Sites and Employee-Student/Parent Interaction1/31/2012
IFBG-R(3) Internet Acceptable Use - Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)3/4/2014
IFBG-R(4) Internet Acceptable Use - Student Responsible Use of Technology Resources Grades 6-123/4/2014
IFBG-R(5) Internet Acceptable Use - Student Responsible Use of Technology Resources Grades Pre-K-53/4/2014
IFCB Field Trips and Excursions3/1/2011
IFCB-R Field Trips and Excursions3/1/2011
IHA Grading Systems8/7/2012
IHA-R(1) Grading Systems8/15/2008
IHA-R(2) Grading Systems6/4/2013
IHC Class Rankings8/7/2012
IHE Promotion and Retention3/1/2011
IHF Graduation Requirements2/8/2005
IHF(6) Graduation Requirements - Entering Fall 2008-09 and thereafter6/7/2011
IHF(6)-R(1) Graduation Requirements - Entering Fall 2008-09 and thereafter2/29/2012
IKD School Ceremonies and Observances8/3/1999