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500. Student Personnel

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
500 Statement of Guiding Principles10/12/2010
501.1 Compulsory Attendance10/12/2010
501.10 Student Transfers In8/10/2010
501.11 Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals8/10/2010
501.12 Student Absences-Excused8/10/2010
501.13 Truancy-Unexcused Absences8/10/2010
501.13-R(0) Truancy-Unexcused Absences8/10/2010
501.14 Homeless Children and Youth3/9/2012
501.15 Elementary Students Assignments1/3/2014
501.2 Entrance Requirements-Evidence of Age8/10/2010
501.4 Attendance Records8/10/2010
501.5 Resident Students8/10/2010
501.6 Non-Resident Students10/12/2010
501.7 International Students8/10/2010
501.8 Open Enrollment Transfers-Procedures as a Receiving District10/14/2010
501.9 Open Enrollment Transfers-Procedures as a Sending District8/10/2010
502.1 Student Conduct-Discipline8/10/2010
502.10 Weapons10/12/2010
502.11 Hazing8/10/2010
502.2 Student Suspension8/10/2010
502.3 Student Expulsion8/10/2010
502.3-R(0) Student Expulsion8/10/2010
502.4 Smoking-Drinking-Drugs8/10/2010
502.5 Search and Seizure8/10/2010
502.5-R(0) Search and Seizure8/10/2010
502.6 AIDS8/10/2010
502.7 Corporal Punishment8/10/2010
502.8 Appearance8/10/2010
502.9 Complaints and Grievances8/10/2010
502.9A Student Complaint Procedures8/10/2010
503.12 Sportsmanship/Student Athlete Conduct8/10/2010
503.12-R(0) Sportsmanship/Student Athlete Conduct10/8/2012
503.13 Student Non-Activity Night10/12/2010
503.2 Student Organizations8/10/2010
503.3 Student Publications8/10/2010
503.4 Student Social Events8/10/2010
503.5 Student Activity Program8/10/2010
503.6 Interscholastic Competition8/10/2010
503.6B High School Eligibility8/10/2010
503.6C Student Participation in Non-School Sponsored Sports8/10/2010
503.7 Attendance at Events Outside of School8/10/2010
503.8 Student Honors and Awards8/10/2010
503.9 Student Good Conduct Rule8/10/2010
503.9-R(0) Student Good Conduct Rule8/10/2011
504.1 Health Certificate8/10/2010
504.10 Intervention Teams8/10/2010
504.11 Student Special Health Services8/10/2010
504.12 Life Threatening Allergies8/10/2010
504.12-R(0) Life Threatening Allergies8/10/2010
504.2 Communicable Diseases-Students8/10/2010
504.2-E(1) Communicable Diseases-Students
504.2-E(2) Communicable Diseases-Students
504.3 Injury or Illness at School8/10/2010
504.4 Use of Bicycles8/10/2010
504.5 Use of Motor Vehicles8/10/2010
504.6 Work Permits8/10/2010
504.7 Emergency School Closings8/10/2010
504.8 Student Insurance, General8/10/2010
504.9 Student Insurance, Athletic8/10/2010
505.1 Student Records Access6/11/2012
505.1-E(1) Student Records Access7/10/2007
505.1-E(2) Student Records Access7/10/2007
505.1-E(3) Student Records Access7/10/2007
505.1-E(4) Student Records Access7/10/2007
505.1-E(5) Student Records Access7/10/2007
505.2 Student Activity Accounts8/10/2010
505.3 Class or Group Gifts to School8/10/2010
505.4 Commencement8/10/2010
505.5 Interviews with Students8/10/2010
505.6 Fines, Fees, Charges8/10/2010
506.2 Student Directory Information6/11/2012
506.2-E(1) Student Directory Information
506.2-R(0) Student Directory Information6/11/2012
506.4 Student Library Circulation Records8/10/2010