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E. Business Management

Legend:    - Policy      - Regulation      - Exhibit
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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
EA Business Management Goals and Objectives2/11/2003
EB Buildings and Grounds Management2/11/2003
EBB Safety2/11/2003
EBBA Fire Prevention2/11/2003
EBBB-R Warning Systems2/11/2003
EBBC Emergency Drills2/11/2003
EBBCA Bomb Threats2/11/2003
EBBCA-R Bomb Threats2/11/2003
EBBD Emergency Closings2/11/2003
EBCA Vandalism Protection2/11/2003
EBD Heating and Lighting12/8/2009
EBH Leasing and Renting2/11/2003
ECG Equipment and Supplies Records2/11/2003
ED Student Transportation Management2/11/2003
EDC Transportation Safety2/11/2003
EDCA Bus Safety Inspection2/11/2003
EDCB Bus Conduct2/11/2003
EE Food Services Management12/11/2012
EEA Free Food Service2/11/2003
EEC Food Services Records2/11/2003
EEE Wellness Program12/11/2012
EG Insurance Management2/11/2003
EGA Staff Insurance Program2/11/2003
EGAA Workers' Compensation2/11/2003
EGAE-R Annuities2/11/2003
EGAG Unemployment Compensation2/11/2003
EGB Student Insurance Program2/11/2003
EGD Liability Insurance2/11/2003
EGE Fidelity Insurance2/11/2003