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J. Students

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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
JAA Equal Educational Opportunities6/7/2011
JAA-R Equal Educational Opportunities6/7/2011
JBC School Admissions9/1/2009
JBC(1) Homeless Students5/6/2008
JBC(4) Awarding Units and Transferring Credit6/4/2013
JBCCA Student Assignment to Schools11/7/2006
JBCD Transfer and Withdrawals6/30/2009
JBCD-R Transfer and Withdrawals4/5/2011
JBD Absences and Excuses1/10/2012
JCAC Harassment4/5/2011
JCD Student Conduct4/5/2011
JCD-E(2) Student Conduct - Bus Conduct2/22/2011
JCD-R(1) Student Conduct - Bus Conduct4/5/2011
JCD-R(2) Student Conduct - Student Code of Conduct5/7/2013
JCDB Student Dress Code7/6/2004
JD Student Discipline4/5/2011
JD-R(1) Student Discipline4/5/2011
JD-R(2) Student Discipline4/5/2011
JGC Student Health Services4/5/2011
JGCC Infectious Diseases4/3/2012
JGCCA Head Lice3/1/2011
JGCD Medication8/7/2012
JGCD-R(1) Medication8/2/2011
JGF Student Safety4/5/2011
JGF(2) Seclusion or Restraint of Students3/1/2011
JGF(2)-E(1) Seclusion or Restraint of Students - Physical Restraint Incident Report12/17/2010
JGF(2)-R(1) Seclusion or Restraint of Students3/1/2011
JGFGB Concussion Management9/3/2013
JGI Child Abuse or Neglect8/7/2012
JHB Student Activities Funds Management3/1/2011
JK Solicitations3/1/2011
JR Student Records7/1/1975
JR-R(1) Student Records6/7/2011