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J. Students

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Code ¬†¬†DescriptionRevised
JAA Equal Educational Opportunities6/4/2012
JAA-R(1) Equal Educational Opportunities - Section 504 Procedural Safeguards7/13/2012
JB Student Attendance6/16/2008
JBC School Admissions6/4/2012
JBC(1) Homeless Students6/16/2008
JBC(1)-R(1) Homeless Students5/6/2011
JBC(2) Home Study6/4/2012
JBC(3) Social Security Numbers1/11/1993
JBC(4) Awarding Units and Transferring Credit6/16/2008
JBC(4)-R(1) Awarding Units and Transferring Credit - Earning Credit Through Subject Area Competency8/14/2013
JBC-R(0) School Admissions12/4/2008
JBC-R(1) School Admissions - Minimum and Maximum Ages for Enrollment6/13/2012
JBC-R(2) School Admissions - Students Who Move During the School Year6/13/2012
JBCCA Student Assignment to Schools6/16/2008
JBCCA-R(1) Student Assignment to Schools - Student Transfers7/3/2013
JBCCB Student Assignment to Classes4/16/1990
JBCD Transfer and Withdrawals6/16/2008
JBCD-R(0) Transfer and Withdrawals12/4/2008
JBD Absences and Excuses6/4/2012
JCAC Harassment5/14/2001
JCD Student Conduct8/12/2002
JCDA Student Behavior Code7/12/2010
JCDA-R(1) Student Behavior Code7/13/2010
JCDAA Student Tobacco Use12/11/1995
JCDAB Student Alcohol Use8/8/1994
JCDAD Bus Conduct8/12/2002
JCDAE Weapons2/12/1996
JCDAF Use of Electronic Devices by Students6/10/2013
JCDAF-R(0) Use of Electronic Devices by Students - Student Possession of Cell Phones and Electronic Devices6/26/2013
JCDAG Bullying7/11/2011
JCDB Student Dress Code12/10/2007
JCE Student Complaints and Grievances8/12/2002
JCEB Student Hearing Procedure2/14/2005
JCEB-R Student Hearing Procedure10/7/2005
JD Student Discipline8/8/1994
JDA Corporal Punishment8/8/1994
JDB Detention8/8/1994
JDC Probation8/8/1994
JDD Student Suspension8/12/2002
JDE Expulsion8/12/2002
JDF Teacher Authority to Remove Students from Classrooms6/12/2000
JFA Academic Integrity5/10/2004
JGC Student Health Services4/16/1990
JGCB Student Inoculations6/4/2012
JGCC Infectious Diseases5/5/1988
JGCD Medication6/4/2012
JGD Student Psychological Services4/16/1990
JGE Student Social Services4/16/1990
JGF Student Safety6/15/1992
JGF(2) Seclusion or Restraint of Students6/4/2012
JGF(2)-R(1) Seclusion or Restraint of Students7/13/2012
JGFG Student Accidents3/31/1999
JGI Child Abuse or Neglect6/4/2012
JGJ Crisis Intervention5/13/1991
JHC Student Organizations4/16/1990
JHCA Student Clubs5/13/1992
JHCAA Secret Societies (Gangs)6/11/2007
JK Solicitations4/16/1990
JQE Pregnant Students4/16/1990
JQF Married Students4/16/1990
JQH Drop-Outs6/16/2008
JQK Exchange Students11/9/1992
JR Student Records6/4/2012
JR-R(1) Student Records6/13/2012
JS Student Fees, Fines, and Charges10/10/2005