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Board of Education

Our Mission


The Glynn County Board of Education will provide a rigorous and relevant education leading to graduation and further life successes.


Our Vision


The Glynn County Board of Education will adopt policies, provide fiscal responsibility and make decisions in the best interest of children.  School environments will be places of consistent learning, caring and compassion, and will maintain a resolute belief that each child will be safe and find numerous places of success.  Everyone will feel welcomed and encouraged to be a vital part of the school community.  Glynn County Schools will be places in which children become confident, responsible and full of imagination for a future full of life-enhancing goals.


Board Meetings


The Board of Education typically meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Meetings are held in the Board Room of the Administration Building at 1313 Egmont Street in Brunswick. Meetings are televised live on Comcast Cable channel 99.  To view the 2014 Board of Education meeting schedule, click HERE.


During the meetings, an open session is conducted to hear from individuals who reside within the jurisdiction of the school system. Individuals may sign in to address the board for up to five minutes on any topic except for personnel and legal matters. The Board of Education urges citizens to send questions to the superintendent prior to the public meetings. This allows time for research and preparation of complete answers. Board members are better prepared to answer questions regarding policy, finance and philosophy than individual questions about a teacher-student relationship or issue.


Parents should attempt to resolve issues at the school level first by speaking directly to the child’s teacher, then to the school principal. Issues that cannot be resolved at the school level should then be brought to the superintendent.

2015 Board of Education Officers

Dr. Hank Yeargan, Chair
Mike Hulsey, Vice Chair

2015 Committees


Facilities Committee: Millard Allen, chair
Finance Committee:  Mike Hulsey, chair
Policy Committee:  John Madala, chair
Safety/Discipline Committee:  Venus Holmes, chair

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Dr. Hank Yeargan

912-617-1451 (W)

District 4
Mike Hulsey

Vice Chair
(912) 399-0140 (W)
(912) 466-0369 (H)
At Large Post 1
Millard Allen

Board Member

(912) 634-1410 (H)
District 2
Venus Holmes

Board Member
(912) 264-9164 (W)
(912) 264-9164 (H)
District 5
John Madala

Board Member

(912) 261-0317 (H)
District 3
Jerry Mancil

Board Member
(912) 280-0352 (W)
(912) 265-9433 (H)
At Large Post 2
Ingrid Metz

Board Member

(912) 265-5579 (H)
District 1
Howard Mann

912-267-4100 x 1304 (W)