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Rule Number:160-5-1-.18
Competitive Interscholastic Activities in Grades 6-12   Print Rule

Code: IDE(1)



  (a)  Competitive Interscholastic Activities – Any organized competition between schools that is held outside the regular instructional day. This does not include vocational clubs, academic bowls, geography bees, spelling bees, science fairs, math bowls, or specific subject area fairs.


  (b)  Competitive Interscholastic Athletics – A competitive interscholastic activity specifically pertaining to any organized athletic sport which shall include cheerleading.


  (c)  Course – any subject with a state approved course number as defined in Rule 160-4-2-.20 LIST OF STATE-FUNDED K-8 SUBJECTS AND 9 -12 COURSES FOR STUDENTS ENTERING NINTH GRADE IN 2008.


  (d)  Full-Time – A student enrolled and attending the full six segments as defined in the Quality Basic Education Act or the equivalent thereof.


  (e)  Georgia High School Association – The association with which the State Board of Education has a cooperative relationship to establish statewide regulations for 9-12 interscholastic competitive activities.


  (f)  Local Education Agency (LEA) – local school system pursuant to local board of education control and management.




  (a)  Each local board of education shall adopt a policy regulating competitive interscholastic activities.


  (b)  The school principal shall regulate competitive interscholastic activities in his or her school and shall ensure that all staff members adhere to local board of education policies, and rules of the State Board of Education.


  (c)  A student wishing to participate in interscholastic competitive activities shall be enrolled full-time in a public school during the semester of participation.


  (d) Retention of students for athletic purposes is prohibited.


  (e)  Middle Grades Requirements. 


  1.  These provisions are considered as minimum standards for each LEA to abide by or surpass in its efforts to maintain the highest possible standards relative to its competitive interscholastic activities.


  (i)  Student Eligibility.


  (I)  For determining student eligibility, the grading period shall be a semester.  The same period shall also be the minimum length of the ineligibility period.


  (II)  Students participating in competitive interscholastic activities shall pass a minimum of 70% of courses carrying credit toward grade promotion in the semester immediately preceding participation.


  I. Students initially enrolling in the first semester of the sixth grade are exempt from this requirement.


  II. An exploratory course that is comprised of several multi-week courses taken during the same period of the day within the semester shall be averaged to count as one subject for eligibility purposes.


  III. If more than one exploratory course is taken during a semester during two different periods of the day, then each course shall be individually calculated into the average to determine student eligibility.


  (III)  Student eligibility shall be determined on the first school day of a semester.