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Descriptor Code: KJ
Advertising in the Schools  
Print Policy

Government agencies and other non-profit organizations (excluding political and religious groups) may be permitted to distribute advertisement and/or informative materials (excluding fund-raising activities of any non-profit organization in or through the school system) subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Schools or her designee.   All private enterprises are prohibited from placing or distributing materials in the system except when governed under auspices of one of the following Board of Education approved programs:

  1. An official (as determined through the Office of the Communication Specialist for Forsyth County Schools) Partner in Education.
  2. School Fund-Raising Activities
  3. Employee Benefits Program

Rosters of students or employees, names or addresses of students or employees will not be provided any organization for the purpose of distributing materials within or outside the school setting. 

Students are prohibited from being distributors or couriers of advertising for private enterprises except when participating in school sponsored fund raising activities.

Principals may give permission for materials from private enterprises to be placed in a specified location where adult visitors to the building may choose to take the materials.


Forsyth County Schools
Date Adopted:  7/31/2002